Zen Rug 140 x 145, Creme
Zen Rug 140 x 145, Light Grey
Zen Rug 140 x 145, Dark Beige
Zen Rug 140 x 145, Beige
BOLIA Zen Rug 134 x 190, ambient
BOLIA Zen Rug 180 x 240, Creme, ambient 2
BOLIA- Bowie Armchair, Zen Rugs


Zen Rug 140 x 145

Design: Emily Broom.
Zen is a beautiful series of rugs with a distinctive design inspired by Japanese 'Zen' gardens, inviting you to relax and experience a feeling of well-being and 'zen'. The Zen rugs' simple shapes, sustainable materials, and quality, bring a natural, down-to-earth foundation into your interior design. Zen rugs are available in a variety of sizes and designs, all with a simple and calm aesthetic. Made in India.

Bolia FY23
> bolia Journal FY24: 77.4 mb
> bolia Brandbook FY23: 31.3 mb

° bolia materials and fabrics: 6.7 mb

composition: 100% undyed Wool
height: 2 cm
technique: hand made
maintenance: vacuum clean without brush
• download the zen 140 cm x 145 cm 2D dwg file

140 cm x 145 cm, shaped
55.11" x 57", shaped