Bonaldo Sofi Floor Lamp, ambient
Bonaldo Sofi Floor Lamp, detail
Bonaldo Sofi Floor Lamp, shade detail
Bonaldo Sofi Floor Lamp, workshop
Bonaldo Sofi Floor Lamp, glass works
Bonaldo Sofi Floor Lamp, glass works 2
Bonaldo Sofi Floor Lamp, glass works 3


Sofi Floor Lamp

Design: Studio Team Design.

With the Sofi Lamps, Bonaldo pays tribute to one of the oldest and most prized forms of Italian craftsmanship: the Venetian tradition of glass-blowing. From its very name, Sofì pays homage to this age-old and prized hand glass-blowing technique. Its primary shape, the borosilicate glass globe with a warm amber finish, is combined with a burnished brass cylinder which contains the light source and brings to mind the image of master glass-blowers who, in their Venetian workshops, use their long blowpipes to craft the incandescent molten glass with skill.

The lamp head swivels to direct light where you need it. Shade in borosilicate glass in Amber, frame in burnished Brass. The burnished Brass color is submitted to a natural oxidation process which causes tonality changes. The color may vary depending on exposure to light and in different temperatures. These variations are considered a quality of the material and are to be appreciated for their uniqueness. Made in Italy.

LED spot 3W (max 30W)

31 cm w x 42 cm d x 140 cm h
12.2" w x 16.53" d x 55.12" h