Sesame, Composite grey/forest
Sesame, Composite grey/forest

Amini Carpets

Sesame, Composite grey/forest

Design: Carlotta Fortuna. Known for her collaborations with various companies in the field of surface decoration, Carlotta Fortuna is an accomplished architect and surface designer, specializing in Surface Design & CMF (color materials & finishing). Since 2019 she also teaches CMF at Istituto Marangoni in Milan.

Handcrafted in mélange shades, Sesame features a diagonal weave, limited by bands of a contrasting color and neat fringes. A carpet of sober elegance, produced in 100% recycled PET.

Made by sorting, washing, and melting recycled plastic, which would normally end up in landfills, PET produces a soft and sustainable fibre with the look and feel of wool. Recycled PET is highly durable, naturally stain-resistant, easily cleaned, retains color and resists fading from exposure to the sun or harsh cleaning. 100% recycled PET carpets allow you to live effortlessly, while caring for the environment.

Amini Carpets 
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Color: Composite grey/forest
Pile composition: 100% recycled PET
Height: 5mm
Technique: Hand Weaving
Finishing: carpets are hand clipped
Stock sizes: 250×300 cm

Amini Sesame Composite Grey/Forest Rug
250 cm x 300 cm / 98.42" x 118.11"