WOAK Malin Desk in Walnut, front
WOAK Malin Desk in Walnut, front turned
WOAK Malin Working Desk, ambient
WOAK Malin Desk, leather pouch detail
WOAK, Mailn Working Desk, detail
WOAK Solid Woods



Malin Working Desk

Desk in solid wood in Oak or Walnut, matt finished with natural oils. A handy leather pouch attached to the side of the desk provides out of the way storage for small items and electronics.

Woak is passionate about working with the warmth of solid wood and sustainable raw materials, crafting pieces with great care for both the environment and its users. Made in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

° woak design catalogue: 13 mb

140 cm w x 60 cm d x 75 cm h
55.11" w x 23.62" d x 29.53" h