CIERRE Gina Armchair profile
CIERRE Gina Armchairs, ambient
CIERRE Gina Armchair back detail
CIERRE Gina Arm detail Front
CIERRE Gina Arm detail
CIERRE Gina Armless, back
CIERRE Gina Armless, front turned
CIERRE Gina Armless, front
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Gina Armchair

Design: Maurizio Manzoni.
Inspired by two petals of a tulip, Gina adds refined comfort and charisma to any environment. Available in two versions, with or without armrests. Constructed with metal frame backrest and wooden seat, both padded with expanded polyurethane foam, covered with a layer of acrylic fibre. Tubular metal matte finished frame in 10 different colors: RAL: 9005, 5020, 6026, 3003, 9002, 7030, 7024, 3007, 6008 and NCS 2010Y70R. Made in Italy.

Cierre 2023
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86 cm w x 81 cm d x 73 cm h
seat height: 43 cm
arm height: 54 cm

33.85" w x 31.88" d x 28.74" h
seat height: 16.93" h
arm height: 2.26" h