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Dolce Vita Dual 14, Super Soft/Medium Soft

Dolce Vita Dual 14 is an elegant and sophisticated mattress for those seeking the ultimate in relaxation without compromise. A cool and refreshing comfort using Magnigel Foam for gentle support in 14” of height

The Dolce Vita Dual 14 features innovative Dual Core technology, ensuring optimal sleep for couples. With Dual Core technology, both partners can choose the comfort that is right for each of them by simply unzipping the cover of the mattress and flipping the inner cores to select their favorite comfort level. The Dual Core technology is available in both Queen and King sizes, and results in a mattress with three comfort configurations:
1) entirely super soft
2) entirely medium soft
3 ) half super soft, half medium soft, (this feature starts in Queen size)

The temperature-regulating Outlast® fabric featured in the cover creates a perfect microclimate during the night, while the natural viscose makes it soft and silky to the touch. The mattress cover can be completely removed and easily dry-cleaned.

Made in Italy - your sign of quality. Magniflex is the largest manufacturer of foam based mattresses in Italy with over 50 years of experience.

° 100% made in Italy
° 100% Breathable
° comfort: super soft / medium soft
° mattress height: 14"
° removable cover in natural Viscose and Outlast® fabric
° 100% Hypoallergenic, zero off gassing
° 20 year warranty

Internal structure:
1⁄2” Cover in Natural Viscose & Outlast®
1” Memoform (memory foam)
1” Super Soft fiber
1 1⁄2” Magnigel
2” Memoform (memory foam)
3” Eliosoft (soft support foam)
3” Elioform (firm support foam)
2” Memoform (memory foam)

Magniflex vacuum packed technology
*Magniflex mattresses ship rolled up to your door, using special vacuum-packed technology which reduces shipping volume by 90%.

dolce vita dual 14: twin mattress
39" x 75" x 14"

dolce vita  dual 14: twin xl mattress
39" x 80" x 14"

dolce vita dual 14: double (full) mattress
54" x 75" x 14"

dolce vita dual 14: queen mattress
60" x 80" x 14"

dolce vita dual 14: king mattress
76" x 80" x 14"

*ships free to Canada & the US via UPS in 4-5 weeks