Pianca Chloe Desk - made in Italy, ambient
Pianca Chloe Desk - made in Italy, ambient 2
Pianca Chloe Desk detail - made in Italy


Chloe Desk

Design: Emmanuel Gallina.
This warm, inviting desk/dressing table features a C-shaped shell in nabuk leather that encloses and supports a drawer and upper shelf in matt lacquer. Curved and padded, it presents a gently shaped wraparound-effect, further highlighted by the upholstery in soft luxurious Nabuk leather.

Exclusive and refined, Chloé’s design is enhanced by the continuity of the surfaces, unbroken by handles. The back of the top and the lower part of the external structure are shaped to allow cable access. Made in Italy.

117 cm w x 55 cm d x 92 cm h
46" w x 21.65" d x 36.22" h