Solid Wood Dining Tables

Solid wood dining tables offer a host of benefits that go beyond their natural beauty:

• solid wood dining tables treated with natural vegetable oils and beeswax, do not release toxins, chemicals or irritants into the air from the surface finish that can be harmful to your health. If you have allergies, or lung issues, reducing the amount of off gassing into your environment by incorporating solid wood furniture into your decor can be part of a healthier strategy.

• solid wood dining tables finished with natural oils are easily maintained. Removing scratches, stains, bumps and nicks, is a much easier process with a solid wood table finished with natural oils, as the wood is not sealed with a chemical product which needs to be stripped, and then reapplied.

• solid wood dining tables treated with natural oils that contain pigments, will resist fading and UV color shifting from exposure to natural light.

• solid wood dining tables do not have issues with veneer peeling and detaching from the substrate because of water damage or exposure to heat - because they are solid wood. With a little maintenance, a solid wood table can provide countless years of enjoyment and practical usage.