BOLIA Veneda 240 Sofa Front
BOLIA Veneda Sofa, ambient 1
BOLIA Veneda Sofa, ambient 2
BOLIA Veneda Sofa, ambient 3
BOLIA Veneda Sofa, ambient 5
BOLIA Veneda Sofa, detail
BOLIA Veneda 192 Sofa Front
BOLIA Veneda 192 Sofa Front Turned
BOLIA Veneda 240 Sofa Front Turned
BOLIA Vilme Boucle


Veneda Sofa

Design: Bolia Design, Denmark.
Veneda is a beautiful and timeless series of sofas and ottomans. With a luxurious combination of down and foam filling, it is incredibly soft and inviting, yet designed simply to exceed fleeting trends and tendencies. Veneda’s cover is completely removable, which is another great quality ensuring a long lifetime, being able to adapt the sofa to changing needs and wishes. Its deep seat creates an exclusive lounge aesthetic that stands in elegant contrast to the classic design language. A design that refuses to compromise on comfort, elegance or quality. Feet in solid oiled Oak. Made in Poland.

Bolia FY23
> bolia Journal FY24: 77.4 mb
> bolia Brandbook FY23: 31.3 mb

° bolia materials and fabrics: 6.7 mb

seat height: 46 cm / 18.11"
arm height: 59 cm / 23.23"

BOLIA Veneda 192 lo
veneda sofa 192 cm
192 cm w x 102 cm d x 81 cm h
75.6" w  x 40.15" d x 31.89" h


BOLIA Veneda 240 lo
veneda sofa 240 cm
240 cm w x 102 cm d x 81 cm h
94.5"  x 40.15" d x 31.89" h

$9,146.00 | fabric Vilme Bouclé
> in stock, warehouse showroom | Vilme Bouclé Beige