Cubo Illuminato - indoor light cube, made in Italy
Cubo Illuminato - indoor light cube, made in Italy


Spencer Interiors

Cubo Illuminato

Softly illuminated indoor light cube in roto-molded plastic, with transparent cord and on/off foot switch.

 These light cubes are beautifully finished with gently rounded child safe edges, and a slightly textured even finish.

The superior quality and finish of these light cubes delivers an even and consistent light when illuminated.

 Use as nightstands, side tables, a giant night light or extra seating (load bearing capacity 260 lbs).  Light bulbs are easily accessed through a removable screw socket on the base, and can be changed in about a minute without any tools. Use a warm white bulb for a cozier cube, use a daylight colored bulb for a crisper bluer light. Made in Italy.

° uses a standard E26 screw base 12W LED bulb
° cable length 1.7 m / 67"

43 cm x 43 cm x 43 cm

17" x 17" x 17"

$288.00  | $384.00
> in stock, warehouse showroom | 8 in white roto-molded polyethylene