Dema Alabaster Floor Lamps - made in Tuscany.
Dema Alabaster Floor Lamp - made in Tuscany
Dema Alabaster Floor Lamps, ambient  - made in Tuscany.


Alabaster Floor Lamp

Design: Carlos Bimbi.

Prized for it's soft translucent quality, purity of its whiteness, and dark rich veining, Tuscan Alabaster has been used by artisans for centuries and is widely considered to be the best quality Alabaster on earth.

When illuminated, these lamps produce a stunning soft warm glow, when turned off, the appearance of the Alabaster lamp shades is equally remarkable, and produces a completely different and alluring velvety matt finish.

Lamp shades are constructed entirely in Alabaster, with satin stainless steel frame and base. A classic, timeless piece of art. Made in Tuscany, Italy.

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alabaster floor lamp

30 cm w x 30 cm d x 165 cm h
11.81" w x 11.81" d x 65" h

$3,488.00 | alabaster, satin stainless steel
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