Pianca Segno Dresser
Pianca Segno Dresser, ambient
Pianca Segno Dresser, ambient 2
Pianca Segno Dressers
Pianca Segno Dresser, drawer detail
Segno Dresser


Segno Dresser

Dressers with groove handle available in wood and matt lacquer, with partial extraction silent drawer systems.

Made of 1.8 cm seamlessly joined thick wood particle board panels cut at 45°, with outside coating in high-gloss synthetic material or with lacquered wood veneer with continuous grain. Concealed feet in the base keep the module raised 1.35 cm from the floor and allow a height adjustment of + 1 cm by removing the drawer and adjusting from the inside. Prices shown are for Matt Lacquer, Glossy lacquer is additional. Made in Italy.

*please note: Health Canada suggests drawer units over 27" high be anchored to the wall, in order to prevent accidental tipping when used in environments with children.

° pianca wood and lacquer finishes pdf file

Segno Dresser 120 cm
segno dresser 120 cm

120 cm w x 46 cm d x 76 cm h
47.24" w x 18.1" d x 29.92" h
Segno Dresser 150 cm
segno dresser 150 cm
150 cm w x 46 cm d x 76 cm h
59" w x 18.1" d x 29.92" h
Pianca Segno Dresser 180
segno dresser 180 cm

180 cm w x 46 cm d x 76 cm h
70.87" w x 18.1" d x 29.92" h