Zoe XL Ottoman, Zoe XL


Zoe XL Ottoman, Zoe XL

Design: Lievore Alther Molina.
Comfortable extra large lounge chair and ottoman with removable cover, distinctive for its comfort and casual design. The outer stitching in either classic or visible seams, is limited by the type of cover which is chosen.

° classic seams:  in fabric only, including felted wool fabric Divina 3. These seams feature classical stitching with piping in the same fabric and color.

° visible seams: in leather (which is always with visible seams), or felted wool fabric Divina 3. This seam features an extruded edge where a thin strip of visible material is left exposed.

Zoe contains no supporting frame, but is composed of 5 separate chambers containing expanded polystyrene pearls, and covered with a 100% Twill cotton cover. With daily use, the expanded polystyrene pearls may lose some of their original volume which is completely normal. If desired, additional polystyrene pearls can be purchased, and can be  replenished simply by unzipping the outer cover to access the zippered chambers, and adding them to one or more chambers. Made in Italy.

zoe extra large ottoman
48.42" w x 24.8" d x 14.17" h
$1,850.00 | in Divina 3, cat Top
$2,325.00 | in Dallas leather

zoe extra large
52.36" w x 47.24" d x 28.34" h
seat height: 14.17"
$3,822.00 | in Divina 3, cat Top
$5,155.00 | in Dallas leather