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Tab Square Lounge 105

Design: Stefano Conficconi.
Where were you in '72? Tab is a retro inspired modular lounge element which can be used alone, or in compositions created by combining multiple elements, which can be enriched with armrests and coffee tables. The backrest can be used in the upright or down position, which changes the depth of the seat, providing two different comfort positions.

Constructed with wooden frame supported by elastic belts, seat cushions are filled with expanded polyurethane foam with three different densities, covered with siliconized microfiber. Backrests in different widths are padded with expanded polyurethane foam, covered with siliconized microfiber and acrylic fiber. The optional table top is available in five different ceramic materials. The backrest, the armrest and the table have a metal support that can be fitted to any side of the seat cushion, and are available in different RAL-colors: 9005, 5020, 6026, 3003, 9002, 7030, 7024, or polished chrome-plated, black chrome-plated or with a gold color finishing. Fixed covers in leather, removable covers in fabric. Detail in contrast on the seat and back cushion edges, called "bugia" is available on demand. Made in Italy.

° cierre tab catalogue pdf file: 11.5 mb
° cierre 2021 new story 1972 catalogue pdf file: 64.3 mb

seat height: 42 cm / 16.53
back height: 67-84 cm / 26.38" - 33"

Tab Sq Lounge 105
tab square lounge 105 with backrest
105 cm w x 105 cm d x 67-84 cm h
41.33" w x 41.33" d x 26.38" - 33" h

CIERRE Cougar 96
$5,280.00 -
| category 2 leather
> in stock, warehouse  | 2 in Cougar 96, black chrome supports
*armrests, loose cushions, and side tables are additional