AMINI, Coco, Grey zinc/charcoal
AMINI, Coco, Grey zinc/charcoal, fringe detail

Amini Carpets

Coco, Grey zinc/charcoal

Design: Carlotta Fortuna. Known for her collaborations with various companies in the field of surface decoration, Carlotta Fortuna is an accomplished architect and surface designer, specializing in Surface Design & CMF (color materials & finishing). Since 2019 she also teaches CMF at Istituto Marangoni in Milan.

With the vintage appeal distinctive of some handcrafted cloth, Coco is characterized by the warm and reassuring tones of its flat weave and the decorative lines near the edges. Produced in 100% recycled PET.

Made by sorting, washing, and melting recycled plastic, which would normally end up in landfills, PET produces a soft and sustainable fibre with the look and feel of wool. Recycled PET is highly durable, naturally stain-resistant, easily cleaned, retains color and resists fading from exposure to the sun or harsh cleaning. 100% recycled PET carpets allow you to live effortlessly, while caring for the environment.

Amini Carpets 
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Color: Grey zinc/charcoal
Pile composition: 100% recycled PET
Height: 5mm
Technique: Hand Weaving
Finishing: carpets are hand clipped
Stock sizes: 250×300 cm

Amini, Coco Grey zinc/charcoal
250 cm x 300 cm / 98.42" x 118.11"