Amini Carpets, Perla Rug, Ivory
Amini Carpets, Perla Rug, ambient
Amini Carpets, Perla Rug White Silver
Amini Carpets, Perla Rug, Cipria Beige
Amini Carpets, Perla Rug, Organic Black
Amini Carpets, Perla Rug, edge detail
Perla Rug

Amini Carpets

Perla Rug

From the combination of hand spun bamboo silk, wool and cotton comes the Perla line, hand-knotted rugs characterized by a unique pile made of many shades of irregular heights and the monochrome edge that enhances its uniqueness. Each fibre has its own material and chromatic characteristic, resulting in a carpet with an uneven surface. Made in India.

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Perla is available in:
° Ivory
° White Silver
° Organic Black
° Cipria Beige

Pile composition: hand spun bamboo silk and wool
Height: 6 mm
Technique: hand loomed
Finishing: the carpets are hand washed and carved.

200 cm x 300 cm
250 cm × 300 cm
Custom sizes available, lead time 5 months.