Amini Carpets, Kami Kami Rug
Amini Carpets, Kami Kami Rug, ambient
Amini Carpets, Kami Kami Rug, detail
Amini Carpets, Kami Kami Rug, edge detail

Amini Carpets

Kami Kami

Design: Carlotta Fortuna.

The inspiration for this rug is drawn from the geometries of Japanese origami and in particular on the paper that is used to create them (Kami). In origami, a thin sheet of light paper is shaped into complex volumes and becomes an articulated object. Thanks to the skillful hands of the artisan, Kami Kami acquires a deep, tri-dimensional and perfectly geometrical surface. Kami Kami rugs are produced on demand, with tailor-made dimensions. Made in India.

° amini journal 2019-2020 pdf file: 5 mb

Pile composition: 100% Wool
Height: min 14 max 22mm
Technique: hand tufted
Finishing: hand pile carved and sculptured

200 cm × 300 cm
Custom sizes available.