Kami Kami
Kami Kami
Kami Kami
Kami Kami

Amini Carpets

Kami Kami

Design: Carlotta Fortuna

The idea at the basis of this collection is the use of tri-dimensional shapes in a product that by definition is bi-dimensional. The inspiration draws from an analysis of the geometries of Japanese origami and in particular on the paper that is used to create them (Kami). A thin sheet of light paper that is shaped into complex volumes and becomes an articulated object. The same happens for these carpets that, thanks to the skillful hands of the artisan, it acquires deep, tri-dimensional and perfectly geometrical volumes within a monochromatic surface. The ability of the weaver is then important, but at the same time, the work of the engraver is paramount. Kami Kami carpets are produced on demand, with tailor-made dimensions. Made in India.

° amini journal 2019-2020 pdf file: 5 mb

Pile composition: 100% Wool
Height: min 14 max 22mm
Technique: hand tufted
Finishing: hand pile carved and sculptured

200 cm × 300 cm
Custom sizes available.