AMINI Bali Wool, Cream Rug
AMINI Bali Wool, Cream Rug, detail


Amini Carpets

Bali Wool, Cream

Weaves in varying degrees of thickness, yarns and fabrics that come together in the weave, are all key features in this fleece-less, flat woven carpet. The heavy braiding of the wool and the “rough” exuberance are the distinctive features of Bali Wool. Made in India. Available as stocked.

Color: Cream
Pile composition: 100% wool
Height: 10mm
Technique: Hand Weaving
Origin: india
Finishing: the carpets are hand washed

AMINI Bali Wool Cream
200 x 250 cm / 78.74" x 98.42"
$2,148.00 - $2,685.00
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