Soundwave Flo, Acoustic Panel
Offecct, Soundwave Flo Acoustic Panel. off white
Offecct, Soundwave Flo Acoustic Panel, grey
Soundwave Flo, Acoustic Panel
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OFFECCT Soundwave Flo


Soundwave Flo, Acoustic Panel

Design: Karim Rashid.
SOUNDWAVE® series panels are constructed in recyclable moulded polyester fibre. Each panel in the series is designed for a specific acoustic purpose. The wall panels can be combined in different ways to meet the needs of almost any room or environment. Used widely in commercial applications and professional sound engineering and performance environments, SOUNDWAVE® series panels provide both purposeful sound control and esthetic benefits with unparalleled design integrity.

° Soundwave Flo is designed to be used as a lightweight sound absorber in the upper frequency range (500 Hz and above). These panels help reduce disturbing
reflections of environmental noise such as voices, telephones etc. Made in Sweden.

° offecct soundwave pdf file: 6.2 mb

°  peel and stick installation with Velcro tape
°  available in standard anthracite, grey, and off-white

58.5 cm w x 58.5 cm h x 6 cm d
23" w x 23" h x 2.36" d

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